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At Lucky Build, we have strong roots planted firmly in London, we have a team of experienced architects, property developers, and contractors who know the ins and outs of the city’s landscape. This equips us with the knowledge we need to facilitate any of our client’s needs.

We know what our competitors bring to the table, we are proud to show you we team our knowledge, experience, and expertise, with transparency, trust, and competitive prices. We have worked to build our relationship with key players within the property landscape, and continue to build an excellent reputation of reliability.


Why us?

We are a team of down to earth contractors. Each of us have had our fair share of cowboy builders, plumbers, and electricians. This is what spurred us to create Lucky Build. We wanted to provide high quality services, at a fraction of the extortionate prices we had to pay, due to there being a lack of other services in our locality, we wanted to match this with a speedier completion time.

We enjoy a high level of repeat business, we also provide excellent customer service, and transparency so that you are in the know every step of the way. We also don’t feel any job is too small or un-important, if we can provide you with a quick fix, we will work with the highest degree of attention, detail, and professionalism at no hidden extra cost.

We are a team of advanced industry professionals and leaders of our niche.

We are proud of the exceptional services we provide; our quality of work, and quick turnaround time from our team of builders, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. We have 5 star reviews on Google. We pay attention to detail, leaving no slab unturned, where the needs of our clients are at the forefront of our service model. We believe in transparency with our clients when it comes to pricing, work load, and the duration of time each project will take. We are open and honest about what the job requires.

Here is what happens next:


We invite you to have an Initial face to face or over the phone consultation. We take note of all of your requirements, adhering to your budgetary needs we then pair you with one of our handymen.


Our management team documents all of our conversations regarding your file, and will ensure various tradesmen are managed according to the schedule of works ensuring compliance with building regulations. We ensure peace of mind to our clients with any project we take on, from a mini maintenance task to a house renovation.


We will cover all of you repair needs, whether that is in electrical or plumbing related services. We train quick and reactive maintenance teams, ready to be called out for jobs that need immediate attention. We provide 24/7 call out availability to deal with emergency leakages or even for decorating, cavity walls, plaster board, brick/block work, glazing, and partitions. We also provide Gas safety, electrical and PAT testing certificates.

What do we do?

As a team, we take on a variety of jobs, from the larger scale renovations, fittings, and refurbishments in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, lofts, and basements, to smaller scale handyman maintenance jobs. We offer the full suite of maintenance tasks to our clients. We also ensure hygiene, efficiency, transparency, and health and safety. Our craftsmanship is super important to us, and we continue to work on improving the skills of our diverse workforce. 

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