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We invite you to have an Initial face to face or over the phone consultation. We take note of all of your requirements, adhering to your budgetary needs we then pair you with one of our handymen.


Our management team documents all of our conversations regarding your file, and will ensure various tradesmen are managed according to the schedule of works ensuring compliance with building regulations.


We provide 24/7 call out availability to deal with emergency leakages or even for decorating, cavity walls, plaster board, brick/block work, glazing, and partitions. We also provide Gas safety, electrical and PAT testing certificates.

Appliances installation

Electric cooker instillation

The process that we normally take when receiving an electric cooker instillation call from our clients will look a little like this:

We will take down your needs, and how soon you need it by, match you up to our technicians on the same day. Our experts will then remove your old cooker, inspect the circuit, make sure everything is safe, and that your fuse or MCB can meet the energy demand of your new cooker. Our technicians then install the new cooker so that you then can enjoy the new appliance in your kitchen. Electric cookers are great for emitting less heat and saving a lot on your energy bills.

Appliances installation

Washing machine and dishwasher installation/repair

We provide installation and repair services from our team of trained technicians, for your washing machine and dishwasher. Once we have had a phone consultation, and we learn about your needs. We then match you up with a technician or a team of technicians depending on the magnitude of the job. We ensure that the appliance doesn’t let water drain, it doesn’t heat up. We then inspect it to see if it doesn’t dry the dishes, if the handles or any parts have come off, If the dishwasher is noisy, if a faulty code comes on display, if it doesn’t heat up properly or fails to receive water, these are all conditions we work on fixing.

Appliances installation

Gas cookers and hobs fitting and repair

As a homeowner it is your legal obligation to hire a gas safety specialist to work on your cooker installation. It is of utmost importance to adhere to these rules. You may book with us over the phone during your consultation, during this time, we will get an idea of the kind of services you require. After this, we match you up to one of our experienced and trained technicians.

Our technicians will ensure that they provide a safety check prior to, and after the fitting, they are fully certified gas safe engineers. We also ensure a thorough health and safety check and test is completed upon installation, as well as a gas safety certificate to ensure you may use your appliance with ease.

Appliances installation

Tumble Dryer repair

Having difficulty with your tumble dryer can often cause unnecessary stress to your household. The process of getting your tumble dryer repaired starts with an over the phone consultation call, here you can discuss any of your needs, we then match you up with one of our technicians who will go to your property to assess the problem. Our team will then test the appliance to find the right solution to your broken tumble dryer.

With a tumble dryer there are a number of things that can go wrong, and can become quite dangerous for its users, if not examined properly. Drying clothes is a basic need and an important part of everyday life, not only is it a necessary appliance in a house, but it is also just an awfully big hassle to have to dry clothes on radiators or outdoors particularly with our very unpredictable UK weather.


Appliances installation

Fridge freezer Installation/repair

Often there are a number of issues that we can face with our fridge/freezers, tackling suboptimal temperature issues, it might not be cooling properly, it may be frosting or leaking. These are all indicators that you will need assistance. We cover fridge freezer, fridge and freezer, as well as American fridge freezer repairs. We also service homes, businesses, and companies, so that your line of work won’t be largely impacted especially if it is an emergency during quite inconvenient hours, we promise to see you within the hour. Our specialists are certified and are trained in servicing any fridge/freezer in the market. We also provide spare parts bought directly from manufacturers; all you have to do is make the call!

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