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We are a team of advanced industry professionals and leaders of our niche.


We invite you to have an Initial face to face or over the phone consultation. We take note of all of your requirements, adhering to your budgetary needs we then pair you with one of our handymen.


Our management team documents all of our conversations regarding your file, and will ensure various tradesmen are managed according to the schedule of works ensuring compliance with building regulations.


We provide 24/7 call out availability to deal with emergency leakages or even for decorating, cavity walls, plaster board, brick/block work, glazing, and partitions. We also provide Gas safety, electrical and PAT testing certificates.

Electrical services

Electric work

We have a team of registered electricians to help assist you with any domestic needs or commercial electrical issues. We mainly provide repairs, fix wire connections, socket breakages, and provide instillations in properties around London.

Electrical services

Light Installation

Installing lighting is not as straightforward or safe as it seems, it definitely requires experience, safety hygiene, and skills in order to carry it out safely and effectively. Having someone experienced do the job for you, will prevent any potential damage to your ceilings, and walls by making sure your lights are installed and connected correctly. It is also of highest importance to have experienced electricians on site, managing live wires, to prevent fatalities. We can also help remove and dispose of any old lights fixtures that are no longer in use.

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